B£ing, ca$h, edit, dash!

Things are moving along! I’ve had to spend some time setting up the business side of this enterprise. The Australian Tax Office and I now know each other a little better.

My constant readers are going through the manuscript again and I have a meeting with a professional editor this week to discuss making a final pass over it to make sure that all of the processes I’ve put in place have resulted in something that’s fit for sale. There’s a lot of good work out there that is marred by accidental or unnecessary issues with editing. I want to keep those problems to a minimum and I want to learn how to improve my own processes. One of my key interests has always been “how can I become a better writer?” Good editing is an essential part of that and it has been one of my weaker areas in the past.

In between applying for various important numbers and talking to people, I’m making (mostly small) changes to the work itself. I hope I’m only a week away from announcing the launch date.

Oh, and the launch date for a collection of my short stories to whet your appetite for the main book. Did I not mention that before?

Keep following for more news on releases!

The countdown starts soon!

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