Talking to an editor! #indiepub #indieedit

Had a great meeting this morning with an editor, looking at making those final tweaks to the work. My great bunch of critics, supporters and very detailed readers have done an enormous amount but I’ve decided to ask a professional to look at this, really to confirm how close this is and to get those little tweaks that make it great. Well, good. 🙂

Welcome to my nightmare. (Flickr photo by Nic McPhee.)

You only get one first novel and, after much thought, I’ve decided that a light structural and copy edit is not going to break my brain, loosen my grip on my work, or cause Babylon to fall. Again. I have a direct connection to the editor and I’m supporting locals while keeping control. I’m still very happy with this version of the Indie process.

I want you to have something good to read. This will help.

After a great coffee meeting, the editor likes the concept and her interests are bang in the middle of the genre I’m writing. I think this will lead to a good outcome.

Not much longer, dear readers! You get to read the final version of this is about 6-8 weeks, assuming that I get the business details and launch issues sorted in time.


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