Supporting #indiepub #selfpub

I’ve had a number of people ask what they can do to support what I’m doing.

I immediately answer “buy about a million copies” but I think I know what they’re asking. I assume that a number of them will buy (and I hope read) the book but I suspect they’re asking what I expect of them and if I want them to do anything other than read it.

Let’s get expectations out of the way. I don’t expect anyone to buy the book just to do me a favour. I’d love it if people bought it because they’d like to read it but I’m not going to break into people’s iPads or Kindles to see if they have a copy. One of the great things about an eBook is that it can never physically be on a shelf. All your friends may have bought it or none may have and you’d never know by looking!

I also don’t expect people who do read it to do anything other than read it. If they like it and want to tell other people, that’s great but it’s not expected. If people want to write reviews then, whether they’re good or bad, that’s their choice. An honest review is an honest review. You can’t publish and not leave yourself open to that.

I won’t be putting up any reviews of my own. I don’t have the time or the inclination to set up enough sock-puppets and my usernames are predictably dull: velourfuture and nickfalkner.

What do I want? All I want from the people who wish to support me is for them to raise a toast with me when we launch the book and then whatever happens, happens.

Toast may vary by location, age, and inclination of user. May still involve yeast. Warning: this kind of toast is not a liquid. Do not drink this toast.

This is not going to make me rich or famous but it will make me happy. People who support me in this are wonderful and there’s nothing else needed.

Onwards to the launch!

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