First book of short stories is available for pre-order!

I wanted to have a test run before going for the full book and it would be an understatement to say that I have learned a lot in the past few days.

Good news! “Five Stories: Track One” by Nick Falkner is now available for pre-order at Smashwords, iBooks store, and many other providers. The release date is the 18th of March, which will allow me to get a little more comfortable with the overall process.

You can go to either of the sites above and read the first story for free… although it would be nice if you pre-ordered, if I’m being honest. You even get enough of the second story that you might want to buy the book to finish it.

I’m very excited but I now know that I have to start the prep process for the novel this weekend if I’m going to have any chance of having it in stores for April 1st.

(I was planning to handle iBook store distribution myself but, right now, I’m letting Smashwords handle that on my behalf. The book I will probably do myself.)


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