Fifteen days to go. #curseofkerevesdere

Oh, the places you’ll go… when you start trying to produce large eBooks.

There are fifteen days to go until the book launch. It’s not too late to let us know that you’re coming to the launch!

What have I learned about eBook production? I’ve learned that superscripts such as the ‘th’ in 18th transform differently depending upon which eBook format you target. MOBI seems to be produced without any trouble but the baseline gets messed up in EPUB and it’s a manual (not entertaining) task to manually edit the EPUB in Sigil to replace the rather bizarre span information with simple ‘sup’ tags. (Please ignore this paragraph if it makes no sense.)

In other news, I’ve learned that a 15-gun salute is awarded to three star generals and vice admirals. I’ve also learned that if the birthdays of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh happen to be on the same day, then some poor soldiers in the Tower of London have to fire a combined 124 gun salute. I have no idea if that is going to be useful one day but it’s too late, I already know it.

If you’re ever in London on a Saturday that is the 10th of June and also the official Queen’s birthday, wear earplugs.

If you liked the short stories, you’ll love the book!

(If you liked the short stories, please consider leaving a positive review as there are numerical thresholds to pass before ratings will be displayed. Thank you!)


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