Fourteen days! #curseofkerevesdere #boscoestmoncopilote

I’ve reached that tricky point where everything has to be submitted and…

I have to confess that I’m a little scared.

I’m about to say “Yes, this book is good enough to sell to people.” Now, I’m not asking for your life’s savings with a list price of USD 2.99 but that’s not the point. What I want is to produce something that surprises people with how good it is, that has interesting and enjoyable writing, and that has high production values for a self-published work.

It is intimidating. Yet it has to happen. Fortunately, I have help in quelling my fears.

One of the features of the book is a wonderful character named Bosco. He is, among many other things, a French survivor of exile and the decimation of the French Foreign Legion at Kereves Dere, on the Gallipoli peninsular during the First World War. The book links him with all of the events and people to ground the reader, to bring them into the emotional landscape, and to engage them with the narrative.

He is wonderfully loyal and brave. He is, very much, the voice in my head that tells me to dare and to be bold. Right now, I have him in my ear.

“This book, it is good, patron?”

“I like to think so, Bosco.”

“And what of other people? What do they think?”

“They think it’s pretty good, too. Even after re-readings.”

“Then it must go out. It is either ready now or it never will be. You will never let it be ready.”

“But, of course, Bosco. Out it must go. You are very wise.”

“Wisdom is the memory of all of the mistakes that did not kill us, Monsieur. This book will not kill you, I think. Release it!”

How can I argue with that? Onwards! To production!

Gorgeous free to use image from Eva the Weaver on Flickr.

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