Welcome to the information page for my new novel, The Curse of Kereves Dere, a 1930s action adventure set in a London overshadowed by looming war and the spectre of the Elder Gods.

“The Great War is over and Europe is slowly recovering. Kerry and Bosco, survivors of the Gallipoli campaign, are struggling to move on as they make a life in London. But the inhuman horrors they witnessed at the Battle of Krithia heralded a more terrible fate for the world: to be crushed in the talons of unnamable powers from other dimensions. As the Nazis rise in Europe, the agents of the British-Kadariak society are striving to bring forth a creature that will end life as we know it. Kerry and Bosco have powerful allies: Williams and Fauve, London’s most unusual booksellers, and Doctor Jenny Cavendish, the deadliest archaeologist in England. But they face terrible forces and time is against them because, all too soon, the stars will be right…”

You can purchase the novel from the following locations:

A number of these platforms provide samples of the work to allow you to try before you buy. Fortunately for me, the sample ends on a cliff-hanger. What is it that makes Bosco’s jaw drop?

You’ll just have to buy the book…

Thank you for visiting! I hope that you enjoy the work.

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