Where did nine go? 7 8 9? #curseofkerevesdere

Only eight days to go to the launch! Let’s talk about the prints I’ll have for sale on the day (since you can buy the eBook anytime you like as the stores roll through local midnight).

I have all of the equipment I need to cut the plates to make the limited edition prints that will be available for sale in lieu of an actual book at the launch. In my ongoing quest to make printing as difficult as possible, I will be cutting small plates in a hurry with fine detail and then trying to print them with a rolling pin on 220gsm card. Or I may build a small press and plate system that allows me to use body weight to print with any sense of registration.

You know I print with soap occasionally, right? I may be doing that, too. (I’ll put a post up on my soap printing shortly.)

At this stage, there will only be 20 of the prints available for sale and these will be A4 lino prints, with embellishments and hand stamps. Once I’ve finished the process, I’ll have a cost for you but it won’t be more than $20 a print. The print will show the QR code that takes you to my Kereves Dere information page but I’ll hand sign/dedicate it on the night. Technically, these will all be slightly different prints, due to the post-printing modification, but I’m calling them the same print sequence. RADICAL FREEDOM!

The prints will be on display from 6:30 and there will be a sign-up sheet if you’d like to buy one.

I hope to also have some give-away mementoes of the night but it really depends upon how well the printing goes this weekend!

qrcode MOD

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